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Communicating through video since 1986…

BTK Communications Group, a certified woman-owned business, produces and directs video, audio and multimedia programs, using the latest technologies available. Our commitment to excellence drives compelling, impactful results.

Our current customers range from small to large companies, including international leaders in the communications and biopharmaceutical industry.

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Excellence is the result of decades of experience.

What sets us apart is our decades of experience. Experience with video, production and communication. Experience with the evolving corporate and healthcare arena, and experience with legal and regulatory professionals. This experience breeds efficiency and excellence. We’ve stayed small on the inside, and built great networks of partners on the outside. For us, low overhead means more cost effective productions.


We work smart. And fast. No layers. Low overhead. We simplify the process to make it as easy as possible to fulfill your vision. We listen to you and discuss your needs up front. You can direct us every step of the way, or let us run with the project and we will provide you with updates at logical intervals.

We have cultivated partners and resources around the world for over 25 years. We involve them as needed; to assure that you get everything you are hoping for – at the best possible price. And today, that’s what we all expect.


  • Our in-depth understanding of corporate communications with a strong focus and passion for healthcare
  • Sensitivity to your needs, as well those of your legal and regulatory environment in which you do business.
  • Flexibility to work in your style, so not only are you happy with the results, but you’re happy with the process.
  • Our experience working with people. From sales representatives to executives and from patients to key opinion leaders, we’ve enjoyed working with the people who help tell the story.
  • Our commitment and dedication to quality. We want the end result to make you proud.


If you’re looking to solve a communications need through video or multimedia, BTK Communications is the first place to look.
You can be confident that we’ll take care of you. It’s that simple.


Energize Your Meetings with Video

BTK Communications produces videos for product launch meetings, regional and national sales meetings, and virtual meetings. Whether it is a splashy theme video or animation to start off your meeting with a bang, an intricate training program shown to break-out group workshops, patient stories to reinforce why the stakeholders are there, or a motivational ‘experience” video to charge up the troops, BTK Communications can help reinforce your messages to help make your meeting a memorable success. We’ve also produced videos on-site during meetings for dynamic day to day updates, rousing meeting closing videos, as well as post-meeting energy sustaining videos.

The Patient’s Story

It’s their story. It’s our passion. Compelling. Direct. Impactful. Authentic.

BTK Communications produces and directs patient stories with a passion to take it a step beyond, so you care about the patient, relate to their story and feel good about the product or device that has helped to make a difference in their life. We have the compassion, knowledge and insight to ask questions that help them tell their stories, while being sensitive to the legal and regulatory environment facing today’s healthcare community. These stories have been used on the web to help other people in their situation feel more hopeful or encourage people to take the next step to help prevent disease. They have been showcased at national sales meetings to motivate and inspire sales representatives to be more committed to their product’s key messages.

Employee Communications

BTK Communications has produced hundreds of internal communication pieces including FDA Approval Announcements, Informational Videos for New Hires, Executive Messages, and Motivational Documentaries for Employees. When you need to Motivate, Recognize, Inspire, and Inform, BTK Communications helps you put a face and a voice to your internal communications.

Videos to Enhance Your Website

Web sites help your organization communicate. Adding video elements to your site make that communication more interesting, more visceral, and more personal to the user. Patient and family testimonials drive home how different conditions and diseases can affect people. Compelling animations demonstrate how a medication or device works, so that consumers will feel more comfortable about using it.

Brand Identity and Reputation (Corporate Communications)

Corporate-wide initiatives… responses to news stories… marketing updates… sales results… BTK Communications can help you find dynamic ways to engage your audience and effectively communicate. From sales representatives to executives, manufacturing line workers to administrators; we’ve lived in this environment for over 25 years and continue to grow with it. We design the look and feel based on your audience’s viewing experience – so whether it will play back on an Internet or intranet site, on monitors in the cafeteria or by elevators, or as an e-mail blast, we have a solution for you!

Using Thought Leaders to Communicate

In the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries, physicians, nurses, researchers, and faculty members are the people on the cutting edge of science, statistics, studies, and results, so why not utilize their expertise when communicating your messages? BTK Communications has vast experience working with health care professionals in a variety of disease states and conditions. We can help you add sizzle to your CME programs while maintaining strict oversight regarding regulatory matters. Healthcare professionals add depth and insight to your national sales meeting videos, employee communications, consumer web sites, and peer-to-peer communications. Our experience helps bring their experience to life to add greater impact to your messages.

Role Plays and Demonstrations

When you want to reach people all over the country, or in many cases all over the world, BTK Communications helps you deliver a consistent message while saving on travel time and expenses. By clearly showing tested and approved language during sales calls, or how to use a new device, we can save you time and money in the long run. We listen to what you need to communicate and then brainstorm as to the best way to deliver the message within your budget. Additionally, we can translate that message into virtually any language you may need.

Sales Training

When being training on a new product, label, or indication, sales representatives get thrown a lot of information. Many times a video can help in demonstrating “how to do it,” “how to say it,” and why. BTK Communications has been producing sale training videos for years. Whether it’s detailed instructions from Marketing, a Best Practices “this is how I do it” testimonial, or a role play showing how interactions with customers, Sales Training videos will help representatives learn more quickly, and be more fully engaged.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Barbara Radler


Barbara has been producing and directing videos in the healthcare arena since 1986, utilizing the skills gained from being an on-line editor to help “see” the story before the shoot is complete.

Throughout the past 29 years, Barbara has worked very closely with marketing, communications, legal and regulatory personnel at large companies including: GSK, Iroko, Endo and other medical agencies to become an expert in helping people communicate in an authentic way – and one that is very approvable. In other words, she helps people tell their story and stay within the guardrails of the label and of the brand, while reinforcing key messages wherever possible.

Always looking to utilize the latest in production, she calls on her years of extensive experience in production, from her work on a mobile television unit right into the edit room, and is always networking and looking for innovative communication techniques.

Barbara takes pride in offering peace of mind. Peace of mind that your story will be told effectively, efficiently and authentically, with clear communication at the core. Her most gratifying moments come when clients as well as people in front of the camera – whether they are patients, physicians, technical people, employees or the general public – stop and say, “Thank you.” Thank you for making them look good, making the process easy and manageable, and for staying calm in a positive, encouraging way. That makes it all worth it.

Contact:, or on mobile: 215.783.3337

Abbey Benowitz


Abbey loves to figure things out. Got a problem, she wants to help you solve it. To Abbey, the essence of editing is finding the fastest and best looking solution to every challenge that comes up with a project. She understands your need for accuracy, for connection, and, of course, for getting the best possible result at the lowest possible price. She will do what it takes to help your project reach its full potential.

Abbey has been producing and editing projects at BTK Communications Group since 2002. Previously she served as a supervising editor for Virage, Inc. who partnered with–the official website for the Major League Baseball, and also worked as an assistant editor for the Emmy-award winning TV show, Homicide: Life on the Street. Before that, she spent 5 years in the curatorial department at the Museum of Television & Radio in New York City (now called The Paley Center for Media), where she learned to produce and edit, and accumulated vast quantities of knowledge about television and radio, and what makes a good story. As a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania and experience working in both New York and Philadelphia, Abbey brings a sophisticated yet practical approach to your project.


Chris Kenworthy


Chris has established himself as a creative storyteller with a keen sense of pace and timing with the ability to tap into the heart and emotion of the story. His work includes promos, commercials, corporate communication and documentaries.

Working in digital media since 1995, Chris has had the opportunity to create countless video projects that have been shown around the world.  He understands the powerful messaging that can be created through one photograph, one phrase or a collection of moving images.  He’s collaborated with clients like AstraZeneca, EMC, Sonepar, TENA, Wells Fargo, Verizon, and The American Museum of Natural History.

He enjoys being creative with cutting-edge production and post-production technologies to deliver video messaging shown in stadiums, museums, airports, dome theatres, corporate meetings, classrooms and on television.

Chris’s experience with corporate communication comes from both sides of the fence as he worked for years delivering content to clients like GSK, J&J Snack Foods & Geisinger. He then had the opportunity to dive into the insurance space and gained valuable experience while working for TMNA Services where he created videos for Tokio Marine America & Philadelphia Insurance Companies.

Chris brings a relaxed confidence behind the camera whether he is directing CEOs, SMEs, employees or children. He understands there are many perspectives to every story and is passionate about delivering their story in a clear and genuine way.


Debbie Hershman

Project Management

Debbie is a numbers girl who is motivated and results-oriented, offering expertise in managing small to medium sized businesses for over 25 years.  Comprehensive achievements encompassing start-up, newly acquired and established firms.

She has held several CFO/COO positions during her career through which she has gained extensive knowledge in a variety of industries including but not limited to retail operations, medical facilities, service industries, and manufacturing concerns. Debbie is an accountant by trade – financial project management is a key strength; evaluating current systems, assessing financial needs and implementing plans for greater efficiency.  Her work also incorporates business management, coordinating the establishment of financial infrastructure with the company’s overall mission, plan, and revenue objectives.


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Certified by WBENC

BTK Communications Group, LTD. is certified as a women’s business enterprise by the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC), the nation’s largest third-party certifier of the businesses owned and operated by women in the U.S. We recognize the commitment to supplier diversity that is embraced by corporations and government agencies today and we can add diversity to your supply chain.